The Eliash Continent

Prelude, Pt. 1
Starting out

Reinhardt’s decision to stay with the tower and begin civilization anew as built a humble little settlement for himself. With the guidance of Druddiger Dimadoth, and the remnants of a settlement led by the former town elder Jemini, the starting of a thriving metropolis has begun. Opting to set out and survey the remaining land masses, Reinhardt set out with Jacoby and Wilt to see how other groups of people have been managing. Coming across a member of Jemini’s former Graxis seperatist, he stands outside of a mountain range that is every shifting from the reforming of the continent.

Irion chose to stay on the continent but act as a ranger and guide to lost travellers and misplaced peoples after the forming of the continent. Coming across a forest and saving several dwarves that originally lived with Druddiger, he had to fight off a cockatrice’s forest and found a ruin which he believes might be used as their roost. When emerging victorious from the forest, he meets a mass of people set on burning the whole forest down, which had been grown there by magical means.

Wendyll decided to take his adventuring elsewhere and leave this new continent for a quest of a different nature. On a boat with The Cap’n, they picked up a halfling named Elly and they returned her to her continent of Novash. After getting in a tussle with some seedy low-lives, Wendyll found out that Elly stole a “Star Ruby” from a bunch of thugs. Not knowing quite what this gem does, they set out to look for the reason for it’s existence and return it to safe hands.

Chiron just waits.

The Beginning
Where we left off

The underwater citadel has been raised.

The neural spell that had taken hold of Sylverstre has been removed. He and Copperskin are both battered and bruised from the fight. “Since when have you gotten so strong, brother?” Sylverstre quipped. Copperskin, panting, responded only in an intense flap of his wings. “Do you have any idea where our father is?”. Their father, an Earthquake Dragon, had vanished after the Cult of Graxis took over Sylvestre and imprisoned him. “You stay here Copperskin, I will go look for him.”
“No,” he replied, “I’m tired of sitting around. I’ve been stuck on an island for an ungodly amount of time. I’m ready to start trying to see the world like you do.” Sylvestre smirked and look towards the heroes. “Thank you friends. You have allies in us.” The two dragons, with an burst of speed and energy, took off into the air in attempts to survey the new land the heores have created.

But what of The Cult of Graxis? Graxis was an evil dragon with immense power until his power was weakened and flesh destroyed. His disciples live to harvest new pices from dragons in an attempt to create the strongest dragon possible to rule the entire world and parts thereafter. There must still be some of them lingering and surviving the immense world change that sought the destruction of islands and creation of the new continent.

And here is where our heores remain.


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