Welcome to the new continent.

Whether or not you decide to stay and become part of the ruling class, or not and venture elsewhere, everything that happens has a direct effect on how the land is shaped.

Let’s say you stay here and strike down a decree to expand cities past a mountain range. Everything outside of that mountain range will become a jagged waste. Instead of civilians, there are monsters. But the money that you save can be used to upgrade existing structures and make larger cities.

If you leave and go to a city on a trade port. You’re given a choice to save one of two businesses, one that enchants items, and the other that forges stronger quality items, which ever one you happen to aid will have better funds and start pushing to globalize their business, and will be available on the new continent.

I’ve thought a lot about deciding why people should stay on the continent or leave to another land. In the long and short of it, most of the bonuses is strictly role-playing. I didn’t want to over think it too much ( which is what I ended up doing ). Therefore I decided that I don’t want to try and make one better than the other. The rewards from either one will be close to similar.

What I’ll do is I’ll make forum posts for each one of you asking what you’d like to do, and when you respond, I’ll start creating scenarios you’ll encounter, and what happens will affect how the land is shaped. Don’t worry, you’ll all end up at level 11 by the very least when it’s all said and done.

The Eliash Continent

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